Expert medical support to help you navigate the clinical development cycle!

Ready to embark on a seamless clinical development journey? Hire CliniRx Medical Affairs team members—accomplished physicians and clinical research professionals—as your enthusiastic guides. They’ll combine their experience and scientific knowledge to offer expert support and comprehensive medical coverage throughout the clinical trials process: providing assistance as you plan, conduct, and evaluate your clinical studies.

We actively contribute to sound protocol design and advise on study endpoints, eligibility criteria, and assessment options. More than that, our global team works seamlessly with Clinical Operations, Biometrics, and Regulatory Affairs to ensure you won’t miss any invaluable insights along the way.

Our Medical Affairs experience includes pre-study document review, feasibility planning, site selection, protocol training, patient eligibility assessment, on-site medical monitoring, patient data medical review, coding, safety management, 24-hour support to study teams, investigative site support, and post-study initiatives such as CSR and efficacy/safety listing reviews.

By and large, you can trust CliniRx’s integrated (and well-informed) medical support services to help steer your clinical development endeavors toward the ultimate destination: success.


Experience supporting small Biopharma bring New Drug to Market!

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