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An emerging clinical research and development partner.

As a global contract research organization (CRO), we offer a diverse slate of clinical development and resource solutions reflecting both full-service CRO and functional service provider (FSP) models. In supporting clinical outsourcing needs for emerging biotech and pharmaceutical companies—most notably small to mid-size enterprises facing unique challenges we offer our expertise with a presence in key markets including the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, India, and Australia. Looking for tailored services to meet your specific requirements on a global scale? We’ve got you covered.

Stability and Scale

We’re proud to belong to the J.K. Organisation, a multinational, diversified conglomerate boasting a remarkable 125-year legacy (not to mention annual revenues of $4 billion USD and over 40,000 dedicated employees in 60 countries). This productive association lays a solid foundation for our operations, meaning we can focus on the core values that define us.

Experienced Expertise

Our team of seasoned CliniRx professionals has experience navigating the complex global clinical research landscape. Our expertise? Rooted in over a decade spent working across a wide breath of therapeutic areas including oncology, CNS/neurology, cardiovascular, and rare diseases (to name but a few). This collective experience—coupled with an approach anchored in well-defined processes, a deep understanding of diverse regulatory environments, comprehensive project management principles, and cohesive clinical teams—means we’re well-equipped to deliver quality results both on time AND on budget.

Global Reach, Agile Approach

CliniRx has the distinct advantage of blending the reach of a multinational organization with the nimbleness of a boutique firm. It’s this balance that allows us to operate on a global scale—using full-service CRO and functional service provider (FSP) models—while offering the personalized service and flexibility you expect from a dedicated partner. On the hunt for full-service support or perhaps something a bit more specific? We’re there for you either way.

A Commitment to Excellence

As our CliniRx team is fully committed to the highest clinical research standards, we’ll aim to consistently surpass each and every project expectation: guaranteeing our performance will live up to high industry benchmarks. Beyond just expert knowledge of current industry trends and regulations, we offer the flexibility and adaptability necessary to navigate a landscape that evolves by the day.

Choose CliniRx as your preferred clinical research partner to experience all associated benefits of teaming up with a CRO fully dedicated to your success. As we empower your vision and propel your innovations forward, we’ll do so while always striving to advance science, improve patient outcomes, and make a meaningful impact on the future of healthcare—together.

Our Mission

Above all else, we’re dedicated to catalyzing breakthroughs in small biotech and pharmaceuticals by providing agile yet comprehensive clinical research services: tackling clinical development challenges head on while delivering transformative therapy to global patients with speed, safety, and efficacy.

Our Vision

It’s our goal to become a preferred mid-sized CRO and serve as an invaluable clinical development partner to leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical space, providing top-notch service during all stages of the clinical research journey

Comprehensive approach tailored for compliant execution of clinical programs on a worldwide scale!

Full-Service Model

Functional Service Provider Model

Our offerings extend beyond traditional support.

We are dedicated partners, enhancing the success of your trials with efficiency and expertise throughout the clinical development journey.





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